Problem with the steering - Wheeled Vehicle Blueprint / MAYA

Hello Guys,

I come across a problem for a moment now with the wheeled component on UE4.

I’ve followed this tutorial explaining the unit and pivot issues between MAYA and UE4 and imported my mesh as explained.

However if the throttle input is ok, the steering is messed up.

I’ve created a simplified mesh to show you my problem, as you can see the wheels turn in the wrong directions whenever I turn.

Thanks for helping,

Regards, TWB

I up my topic, I’ve tried several things since last time and everytime the same problem. I guess this is due to a misunderstanding of the directions between MAYA and Unreal. I post here the settings I used for the export in MAYA and inport in Unreal.

I suspected the “Convert Scene” option in Unreal to be the problem, but if i don’t check it the mesh is on the side in Unreal, despite the -90° trick on the body mesh.