Problem with static light behaviour

I’ve been struggling with this for hours, trying out various light map resolutions back and forth to no avail. The problem is that two identical light sources creates two completely different results.
I made a light pole model. I then placed a Point Light inside it. It kind of looks ok, but I need to tweak it to get a softer light and more spooky effect. Note the circle of light on the ground around the pole itself.

I then duplicated the light pole, and also duplicated the Point Light. One would think both items are reasonably identical by now. I dragged the new duplicated light pole across the street next to another row of buildings. And, no matter what I do I simply cannot get that circle of light on the ground under the light pole. I rebuilt the scene over twenty times with various light map resolutions on any object I can think of.

The only difference I can think of is that this part of the map is slightly illuminated by the moon. Which is a Directional Light with a blue tint, with very low intensity. I understand that the indirect light and illumination from the moon will result in a less distinct effect from the Point Light. But as you can see, the point light does not create a light circle at all. Plus the intensity of the moon is 0.1, so it’s not like I’m drowning out the point light with full sun light intensity.