Problem with shadows between objects

Hi! I am currently working on some realistic building reconstruction and I have problem with the lighting (picture). I have 3 lights in my scene: Stationary SkyLight and 2 static directional Light. Is it any posibility to have some AO in the places which i marked on picture? Now all objects looks like levitateing - not touching the ground. I check the UE documentation and it says that to have AO I need to chagne SkyLight to Movable- but is there any other possibility to have shadows between this objects?

HI Wikakoz,

There are a few options for you to try.

  1. For Dynamic AO, you can use distance fields ambient occlusion, which I think is what you were referencing with the movable skylight. Documentation can be found here.

  2. You can use a post process volume set to Unbound or encompassing your playable area, then you can adjust the intensity and various other settings under the Ambient Occlusion rollout. This is a screenspace solution that can help. To visualize and troubleshoot this method you can use the Viewmode option in the Viewport and select Buffer Visualization > Ambient Occlusion. Then when you adjust the settings for the post process volume you’re only seeing these AO settings being adjusted.

  3. Set your skylight to Static or Stationary and build lighting. This can provide some AO for your scene.

  4. Depending on your floor meshes size, when you build lighting for your stationary lighting you may want to increase the Lightmap Resolution of the foor to get better baked results.

  5. Lastly, in the World Settings under the Lightmass category you will find option to enable “Use Ambient Occlusion”. You can enable this here and adjust various settings to apply to your AO for baked lighting. Without this enabled, you will still get some AO in your scene from the default Post Process settings that are enabled. You can see the difference in the viewport by using Show > Lighting Components > Ambient Occlusion and uncheck this. It will disable it in the viewport only. Can be useful for troubleshooting.

I hope this helps.


Screenspace reflection could too.

Thank you so much post process volume do the job:>