Problem with physics and Attaching Actors


I want to pickup items and snap thier location to a ‘GrabLocation’ The blueprint you see below works as expected, I can pickup Items and release them, this also works in multiplayer

But know I have the following problem:

I want that the items have some basic physics (falling to the ground when drooped), but with ‘Simulate Physics’ enabled on the Box Collider for the Item, the Item no longer snaps to Its position.

As you may see I already treid some stuff by controlling the ‘Simulate Physics’ state, but nothing seams to work.

Is it possible to Attach objects with physics to the players Character?

You either set a location or you simulate physics, not both at the same time (if you simulate physics at the same time it will snap to the location and simulate from there…). Usually what I do is toggle simulate physics on grab and drop, so the object only simulates then not grabbed.Try enabling/disabling physics on the mesh, not the box collider.

You know when you pick something up, and when you drop it. Turn off physics simulation when you snap it to the location; turn on physics when letting go.

I was able to Slove the problem.

But now I have another problem:

If I lave the game with character which carries an item, the item behaves strange, and it disapeers from the world outline.

Is there an event, which is called, before an object is removed from the world? Basicly all carried items should be dropped back to the world.