Problem with packed VXGI

Hi guys,

My packed VXGI exe is much slower than running it from the editor in standalone mode.

-“VXGI Static Geometry” is double (5.85ms standalone to 10.44ms packed)
-“VXGI Emissive Materials and Indirect Irradiance” is 4.85ms in standalone mode and 6,74ms as an exe
-“VXGI SetSharedState” is 3.93ms in standalone and 6.51ms packed

Anybody else noticed this?

I am using the VXGI 4.13 branch from Nvidia.
Also tried the branch of GalaxyMan. Same problem.

I got 45fps on the 1070gtx as a package and 60fps in the standalone mode.
Both in 2k.

Somehow this seems to only happen if I got a lot of objects in the scene.
If I try a cornellbox and just put on heavy load, like 128 cones, the problem is not turning up.