Problem with Ocean Render Specularity with Translucent Rendering Setup.

I am currently dive into the ocean rendering with UE4. I have running into some problem with the current setup.

  1. First I have Translucent setup in my ocean material along with Lighting Mode been set to Surface Translucency Volume, directional lighting intensity been set to 1.0.
  2. I have both roughness and metallic both set to 0, where specular set to 1.0
  3. I have planar reflection setup in my code.

I render out the ocean, my specularity seems to be very low, and seems like it came from Planar Reflection. I was wondering when an object is affected by both planar reflection and reflection probe, how is this been handled?

I was wondering if there are anyway to modify this specular effect. From some research I have done… seems like the only way to do this, is to make my own planar reflection 2D texture been applied to a custom lighting node shader?

Modified From Origin Post:

Thank you guys for pointing out to me using forward directional specularity. I was able to get directional light specular been computed into the ocean render. however, I want to get more of a distribution specular over my ocean rather than having it as a single spot. If I tune my roughness up, I get greater distribution, but not scattered distribution. How can I achieve that kind of effect?

Surface translucency volume does not have direct specularity and cannot be used for water shading.

Surface translucency volume only supports diffuse lighting, part of why its so cheap to render. what you want is surface ForwardShading for water.

Don’t know why you decided editing original post instead of replying but anyway:

Surprisingly, you’d do that by increasing roughness.