problem with materials and textures

Hello , i’m a very beginner and i can’t make my material ( texture hand painted ) showing properly , i don’t know why. I import the textures, and i import the fbx file , i make 2 slots ( one for the base color and one for the normal map) and it looks like pixelised. Maybec its about the Texture streaming pool over 4gb+ problem? If it is , how to fix it ? and why i have so much textures streaming pool while i have no assets yet on the project?

That is the render i have on blender

and that is the render i have on Unreal engine 4.

Problem resolved, add the line r.Streaming.PoolSize=8192 or r.Streaming.PoolSize=4096 in the file “Config/DeaultEngine.ini” and relaunch the project.
The texture streaming pool size was effectively too big because of the high amount of Maps with world composition. The default limit is 1000.