Problem with marketplace assets?

I would like to submit a problem (but I had no idea where I was supposed to do that, so I looked here),
I recently downloaded Unreal Engine 4.24, got a bug (build crash), so got UE4.22 and that worked just fine (well, except with material instances)
When I try to add a marketplace pack I bought, I’m always prompted to enter my password, because the Epic Games Launcher wants to change stuff in my computer.
Since the computer isn’t mine, it’s quite annoying to ask the owner every time I’ve got to add a pack. And I have, like, 100.
Does anyone have an idea how I could tell my iMac to let Epic Games do its business, but without giving it access to the entire filesystem???
macOS catalina (10.15.3)
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)
CPU: 3,4 GHz Intel Core i5 four hearts
Memory: 8 GB 2,4 GHz DDR4 (about 1 TB of Fusion drive storage)
GPU: Radeon Pro 570 4 GB
(BTW: Unreal Engine is the BEST engine)