problem with location setting

Hey , i’m new at this engine , convert from unity . i run to some kind of bug (at list that what i think it is , my camera do move in the y axis but it will not move in the x axis , but the number do change in both axis (at list in the location bar)
my blue print :


and here my view port :



thanks you very much . i tried to move only the x axis and put my radiusOfCameraFly to 100000 and it still will not move. thanks

You are setting the camera location relative to your Player. This will cause unintended results unless you also reset the view target to your Player.

Here I have the FindLookAtRotation returning (0,0,0) which is the relative location of my pawn. Pass this to your camera rotation after you have moved it to the new location.

thanks for your answer , but could you please explain why cant i just move hime around relative to his parants ? i mean how it is matter where he look at or what his rotation is. when i change its location it have to move isnt it ?
why its not moving only in the x axis ?

If you move the Camera relative to his parent, it will still be looking in the same direction. The X,Y values in your pictures change, so it looks like it is moving.

This is something I used before I switched to a different system. It seems you are just missing the SetRelativeRotation aspect.