Problem With Landscape Materials (They Stay Black)

I’m trying to learn the material editor, and landscape materials specifically. I’m familiar with node graph based material editing, just new to Unreal Engine 4. I’m following a tutorial on setting up Landscape Materials. I’m pretty sure I’m following the instructions, but I can’t get the material to show anything but a base black color, both in the editor and when I apply the material to terrain.

Here’s a screen shot of what I’ve got going on in the editor:
Pretty simple stuff.

Here’s the tutorial I’m following:
I’m running Unreal Editor version 4.2.1

Hi Sealfoss,

Have you tried hitting the green check mark for Compile in the top left? That may be the problem you are seeing.

Let me know!



Figured it out just now. I hadn’t set a value for Const Height Input on any of the layers.

Thanks though!