Problem with landscape height blend layers in UE 4.15.1

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the Landscape Height blending system in UE 4.15.1

“LB_HeightBlend works by modulating the blend factor, or weight, for the layer using the specified height value. When you have multiple layers painted on an area and they all are set to LB_HeightBlend, it is possible that all the layers painted in a particular area will simultaneously have a 0 height value, so the desired blend factor for each layer becomes 0. Because there is no implicit or explicit ordering, the result will be black spots because no layers will have any contribution to that area.”

=> So, since I use a constant height value of 0.0, I would expect to get a blend factor of 0, correct ? So I should not see my red layer at all when I try to paint it. But this is not what I observe, as shown on the images below, so I’m completely confused :slight_smile: :



Any explanation on what I could be doing wrong ??

Thanks for your help !!

This link might help you out a little bit with how you view that layer blend node :wink: