Problem with inputaxis moveright

Hi, i’m am currently stuck on a problem, it’s really strange:

It is with the movement

I cant use Add Movement Input in InputAxis MoveRight,

when do it, nothing happens, even though i unbind the scale from the input, and put it to 1 nothing happens

but when i do it with event tick, it moves

the worst part of that is that if a put a print string on my inputaxis it works, please give me some help : )

Are you sure it is not moving…? Or is it moving, but reaaaly slow?
Try to raise the scale a bit… Lets say… 50…

Okay, i solved my problem let me explain how

The problem was that i was manualy adding my character, in the editor, but it was still spawning one at the starting, so i was controlling with my input axis the one that was spawned buy the editor, and it were two characters, the one i placed was ignore
so to solve this i went in the gamemode and set the defaultspwan character to none, and then i went to the Details of my character and set the “Auto Posses Player” to Player 0