Problem with importing complex asset consisting of multiple meshes.

Hi there,

I’m trying to get a complex asset working properly in UE4 from 3DSMax. It is a large piece of steelwork that I’d like to be able to import as a single asset inengine, but I also want to keep the original meshes as tidy as possible i.e. having them separate meshes, but batched together to form a single asset in UE4. I have tried attaching everything together, as I heard you can retain UV unwraps on each mesh after they have been attached, but this didn’t seem to work so well. When I attach stuff it can corrupt parts of the mesh and triangulate areas I try to keep clean.

In Max I pro-booleaned as much as I could to make the whole thing as close to a single mesh as I could but as you could imagine I only got so far.

I now have about 17 assets I want to have as a single piece in UE4, but getting them to behave as individual pieces within that single asset is a bit hard.

I was just wondering peoples’ opinions on the most optimal way of importing this model so that the meshes are technically separate with their own UVs, but are imported as a single asset, if that makes sense? I find these things hard to word properly hence why I’m probably repeating myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll attach a couple of images to show what I’m working with.

Thanks in Advance!