Problem with importing assets

Alright so I’ve done this a bunch of times and never really had problems importing until now. For example I wanna try this free foliage kit “

Now when I import this I can see the Materials in my content browser after its all imported. But when I try to open the material or place a mesh with the imported materials, the material simply dissapears… It just vanishes and is no where to be found, the name is still there in the content browser, but this is the result when touching the material - >

Thanks in advance

Is it because im using 4.14.1?

Most of my imported meshes have been working just fine, just some aren’t

Appreciate any help

I’ve had that issue on 4.13 and 4.14 both. The solution is to go into the material graph and fix all the texture references.

Quiiite new to this, care to elaborate exactly how I do that?

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