Problem with "Import Motion" ARTv1 tool

Method 1 failure

  1. I have published a character with ARTv1 tool
  2. I exported the mesh with skeleton as a .fbx file to Mixamo.
  3. There I retargeted my skeleton, added a simple walk motion capture file to it.
  4. Exported from Mixamo as a .fbx
  5. Now I use ARTv1 and use the “Import Motion” option.
  6. What i get is only keys to the root bone in the Translate X,Y,Z

Method 2 failure, I exported the mesh and skeleton before I published the character(after skinning it), and to Mixamo. This time when I use the “Import motion” on my published character, I get the same poses only for frame 0 and 1

Please what can I do to make this work, the tool is great but importing the same skeleton mocap is a pain in the buttt.