Problem with ignore specific actor


Is there any better way like mine? Currently I used Contains if exists ALS_animMan_Character (blueprints) but I have to tried find better way for this.
So, how can I use LineTraceByChannel and Ignore Actor or ignore specific blueprints


Instead of display name you can check if the Hit Actor is “equal to class” but you have to “get class” first.

I have tried before too but still not works. Is maybe problem with Line Trace By Channel? After kill character, Green color is also on wall instead of only on Character?

You could try line trace objects instead of channel. Static meshes default to block all trace channels, so ignoring the static object channel in the trace could work.

But you are doing the class check wrong. In your second picture what you are actually comparing is if the Hit Actor is not the same object. You need to get class first and then check. It’s the purple colored wires.