Problem with generate Collisin from Selected Static Mesh

…Create in Blender Pillar, then UVurup it, imported in UE as FBX- with UCX_ and whithout, but collision from copy mesh not placed in sciene)))defrent collision as
auto Convex collision was did well) but what about imtold befor-no resalt))Whom else near whith so like these problem?


When you want to use a UCX_ collision you will have to disable “auto collision…” in the import settings :slight_smile:
Also make sure to take a look at this tutorial:

Thanks more for u! look vid))))sevral times lunchand close UE- and …Engine began see my collision, anoder time do not see)But any wear- worked …normal, i think-it only whith my installetion UE was did any mistake)))now decrese my count faces of UCX collision-…and it began works:) as collision))im hapy))thanks for yure time!