Problem with AttachMeshToPawn

Hi, i’m try to do a FPS multiplayer, and i have a problem with AttachMeshToPawn from Weapon class.

void AAWBaseWeapon::AttachMeshToPawn()
	if (MyPawn)

		FName AttachPoint = MyPawn->GetWeaponAttachPoint();
		if (MyPawn->IsLocallyControlled() == true)
			USkeletalMeshComponent* PawnMesh1P = MyPawn->GetMesh1P();
			USkeletalMeshComponent* PawnMesh3P = MyPawn->GetMesh();
			GetMesh1P()->AttachTo(PawnMesh1P, AttachPoint);
			GetMesh3P()->AttachTo(PawnMesh3P, AttachPoint);
			USkeletalMeshComponent* UseWeaponMesh = GetWeaponMesh();
			USkeletalMeshComponent* UsePawnMesh = MyPawn->GetPawnMesh();
			UseWeaponMesh->AttachTo(UsePawnMesh, AttachPoint);

I use the same code like ShooterGame, but when i play with 2 players, only server have weapon first person mesh attach on hands, client are only hands without weapon
but in client window i can see the other player third person model.

The “MyPawn->IsLocallyControlled()” return true only in server window, but in clients window return false, Why?

Did you find the answer for this ? Because I’m also having the same problem and can’t understand what’s going on