Problem with Anim Notifies. Advise please.

Hi mates! :slight_smile:

So I’ve run into a small problem using Anim Notifies on my player characters animations. Hope someone can help explain a solution. Here’s the issue.

The Player Character has Melee Attack Animations. When the Player Character is on the ground, he uses the whole Attack Animation - but when he jumps into the air, he can still attack, but the Attack Animations are playing only on the Upper Body, with the Lower Body, playing an “In Air” animation (Using Blend Per Bone - below Spine_01 is playing the In Air Animation when the character is in the air.)

I’ve added some Visual Effects and Sound Effects to the Attack Animations using Anim Notifies, and the VFX and SFX are playing mostly on the Feet, kicking up dust, and making step sounds, as the Melee Attack Animation plays.

However, I now have the problem, that when the Character is in the Air and attacking, the Anim Notifies are still playing around the feet, even though the Lower Body is not using those animations. So essentially the Character is playing “On Ground” Anim Notifies, while in the Air.

Is there a way that I can disable / switch off these Anim Notifies, when the Character is in the state “In Air” according to the State Machine?

Any advice or a solution for this issue would be hugely appreciated. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the reply Grot13 - that’s a bit beyond my Programming skills. But I’ll ask the Programmer on our team to try this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the additional Info Grot13! :slight_smile: