Problem when respawning vehicle

I am having a problem when respawning my vehicle. I have followed the Time Attack tutorials by Unreal and and i have adjusted the camera angle and distance further away from the model to give a better look at the track as you are driving. However everytime i respawn the vehicle, its camera will either change to the incar camera or back to the default camera position or the vehicle will be larger(wider) than the original blueprint. I thought it may have been a problem with my model so i changed back to the adv. vehicle blueprint and the same thing happens. I dont understand why the camera angle changes back to default position or the model size changes. Can anyone help with this problem. Thanks. I am using 4.10.1

I may have solved the issue. Its a bodgy fix but it appears to work. In the Vehicle BP i have increased the ‘X’ scale of the model to 1.25 and left the 'Y" and ‘Z’ at 1. Still not sure about the camera, but i moved the spring arm and it appears to have also solved the problem. I had to move the camera a bit closer but still looks good.

UPDATE: The problem is still persistant. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this problem. Here are some screenshots of my problem. Its easy to see the difference in the camera angle. Please help anybody.