Problem when my player character have the simulate physic enable

Hi, I am using a blueprint character that I made using a tutorial and I want it to be able to have some kind of set back when I hit a wall. since my character is on a wheelchairé I tried to enable the simulate physic option inside my capsule component but… we’ll when I do that everyting go crazy, my camera spin around franticly, and all. I know that based on so little information it is hard to find the source of the problem but I was wondering if anyone of you had a similar issue in the past and what was the problem.



It sounds like you have something inside the capsule that it is colliding with.
As I understand it:
-Capsule try to push out the object
-Object is attached to capsule so it just follows the capsule.
-Next frame the capsule tries to push it again.

Had many characters “flying” away because of this.

You are right it seem to be the problem I should have tought about it but thanks

Nice that it solved your problem,

Well, It still happens to me and it takes a while until I get it.