Problem using Camera Pawn blueprint and Third Person Character blueprint at the same time.

Hey guys,

Bear with me on this as I am new to Unreal Engine and have been stumped on this problem for a few days. I’m trying to control the movement of a standard third person character with my HMD pawn while also having an independent camera that does not follow the third person.

For the most part it is all working except for the teleportation that is located in my HMD Pawn. It seems like I have it setup to recognize the inputs of the third person character but not the HMD pawn, and I would bet it has to do with how I’m possesing characters or if I even have to do it this way.

In short I guess I’m just lost in how to approach this setup.

–HMD Pawn Blueprint

–The typical Third Person Blueprint

– The Level Blueprint, which is possessing the third person blueprint.

Let me know if I need to clarify. Any help would be great!

Thank you