Problem starting the level

Hello everybody!

Newby question, I fear. I´ve started a new map with the starter content, and I´ve placed the “FirstCharacterBlueprint” in my level. After that, I´ve duplicated said blueprint, removed the original one from the level and placed my duplicate, which I named “FirstPersonCharacter_Intro”. The thing is, when I used to hit play, I would start from the perspective of the previous character blueprint, but after placing the new actor and hitting play I start wherever the camera was in the viewport. How can I solve this?

I guess it´s something really simple that I´ve never stumbled upon.


I’m new to UE4 myself so sorry if my answer isn’t correct!

Have you tried double clicking on your ‘Game Mode’ in your content browser and under ‘Classes’ -> ‘Default Pawn Class’ change it to the character you want to use from the beginning?


Hi LewBreo!

Thanks for your answer, I was able to sort this problem by going to the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint, and under the “Pawn” component I set the “Auto Possess Player” to Player 0. Hope this helps someone else as well!


Awesome! Glad you found the answer to your problem. :stuck_out_tongue: