Problem playing Montage after montage ends

I’m having an issue while playing montages that is getting on my nerves.

I’m playing a montage, and when this montage ends, I want to start another one (depending on some condition that doesn’t matter now).
This montage is an upper body montage that blends with the main pose from the ABP, like so:

This is the attack key press simplified for the matter in question:

For some reason that is escaping me, the second montage is not blending immediately. It seems to be taking effect only in the next animation tick, so, for a single frame I have the main pose with no blending at all and only then it blends to the montage. Not sure if I’ve made my self clear.

Alright, I’ve figured this one out.
I have to play the montage in the “On Blend Out” event instead of “On Completed”.
It makes sense really…