Problem of texture with packaged project

Hi everyone !

Actually i want to package a scene, everything works fine except that when i wait for something like 5 or 10 seconds i got a problem with some texture in my scene…
When i look at the render in viewport of Unreal, everything is fine, but when i play the .exe file, i got this problem…

So this render is what i have in my viewport in UE4

And this, what i got with my .exe

Anyone has an idea ? Obviously it must be something that happened between the packaging and the .exe…

Thanks for your help !

Hi Grimmaldi -

Can you give me a little more information about your scene here?

what type of lighting are you using in this scene?
Is the lighting Static or Movable, or both types?
If the Lighting is Static, what does the unwrap for your cabinets look like?
Are you using a skylight and reflection capture actors in your scene?
If so, what are their settings?
What type of Material is assigned to the cabinets?
Is the Material colored via a Vector or via a Texture Input into Base Color?

Thank You


Hi !

Sorry to be late ! I fixed my problem, i think it was a problem of driver on my computer.
My exe file is working on my laptop without any erros but not on my station !

Anyway it’s fixed !

Thanks !