Problem Modelling a Tube with UE Physics

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner to UE physics and I’m trying to use it to model some tubes, the kind you would see attached to medical or scientific equipment.

To ensure I don’t tackle this problem through ignorance, I wanted a simple starting point that behaves as expected that I can work up from. It is literally a pipe mesh with physics bodies and constraints attached that does not bend.

I have modelled this simple skeletal mesh in Blender:

Nothing fancy, a cylinder with bones attached. I bring this into UE and add physics to it.

The first screenshot show the bodies and the second shows the constraints.

I have set all bodies to be weightless and all constraints to be locked. So my expectation was that this tube would remain rigid.

But when I simulate I get this:

My thoughts were that if I could start with a rigid tube I can then begin to tweak the settings to get the flexibility I need for the different tubes I want to simulate. Am I right to expect this tube to be rigid with these settings or is there something I am missing?

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.