Problem: Low res textures inside the engine

Hi guys,I’ve downloaded the content examples project, but even though I have the Scalability Settings all the way up to Epic,I am getting super blurred textures…any idea as to why the Engine is behaving this way? Image below


Well…I simply closed and reopened it,and seems to be fixed…this is weird o_O

Most likely it was just taking some time to load the textures into memory.

that’s only if the process takes up and more than 2 minutes, that’s the time I left it without touching anything :slight_smile:
My computer is not bad,also 12GB of ram,so shouldn’t really take that kind of time to load anyway.
Also I opened several levels of the content example in that session,noone of them was able to load proper res texture,is more like I momentarily broke the texture loading process for that particular instance of unreal xD
Probably I can even repeat it,(but I don’t really intend to,don’t want to mess it up) xD

Yes, something to do with texture streaming not being able to complete