Problem launching UnrealTournamentproject.u

I’ve subscribed to UE4, registered at GitHub, downloaded the file, opened UE4, browsed to UnrealTournamentproject.u, selected “skip conversion” but at 50% there are showing up these 2 errors:


and then this one:


otherwise, the UnrealEngine works fine, I just can’t get the UT-Editor working.
Can anyone help me, I’d like to remake some maps from Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark (n64) and of course adapt it to the gameplay-style of UT4.

would be very thankful for an answer. :slight_smile:

Have you done everything like in this wiki tutorial? -> https://wiki.unrealengine/Getting_Started_With_Unreal_Tournament :slight_smile:

Otherwise make sure to post your question into the UT forum -> there you will get a faster answer (when you ask UT stuff): https://forums.unrealtournament/