Problem Installing Unreal Engine

Hi, Sorry for being a noob.

I tried installing Unreal Engine today and around the middle of the process my machine restarted on it’s own. I started up again and went back to Epic games to finish the install and when it said “prerequisites”
my machine shutdown. When tried to start up again there was no signal coming from graphics card. I just bought this machine a week ago so I called the company for tech support and they told me to
reseat (take out and put back in) the graphics card. Everything worked fine after reseating the card.

Has anyone else had this issue before? Or can someone give any tips on what to do before I try installing UE again? I’d rather not mess with the hardware and void my warranty. Cheers

Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i9-7900X
32GB Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Installing UE4 would not make the graphics card come loose :slight_smile:
That sort of thing is usually caused during transit and is fairly common and, as you found out, easily fixed.
If it happens again, take the system back and get them to properly secure the graphics card.
It shouldn’t come loose by itself.

Lol, it would be scary if UE4 could make graphics cards come loose.

I just thought the software and hardware weren’t playing nice for some reason and the machine shutdown. It was running fine without any issues until tried installing UE4 but will try again.