Problem importing from 3ds max 2014 to UE4. out of date fbx

Hi, don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but any of the assets I try to import from 3ds max 2014 to ue4 get this message and the static mesh then has this problem. This still happens with the material applied as well, just wanted to show an example of it. The mesh is a simple box with two extrusions done in max, its unwrapped, the normals are fine cant really think whats causing this problem apart from the outdated fbx warning. if it is that, does any one know a fix? cheers

Another member had the same problem and solved it with that way:

“I fixed the problem in the end. Seems like a long way about doing it but basically i downloaded blender, imported the model into blender as a OBJ and then flipped the normals in blender and Exported out as an FBX, problem solved.”

The outdated fbx warning isn’t causing that, it’s just a reminder message ^^

Haven’t had the problem with normals, but you can fix the error about the version by going to the Autodesk website and getting the FBX update for 3ds Max and for the latest version. Shouldn’t matter but maybe it does.

Cheers for the quick reply!
Hmm ok may try doing that in max see if its possible, having to add another program in the pipeline would be abit of a pain haha.

Cheers dude

you could also try the “autodesk fbx converter” to change it to an fbx 2013 file, I cant guarantee it’ll work but it should.

You dont have to use a converter for that -> I think in the export window you can change the fbx version from 2014 to 2013

Try to export the file in the 3ds max fbx export settings as FBX2013 not FBX2014.

well then, that’s even easier:p

I found a fix for the normals issue, when importing the assets into ue4 theres a box that says, import normals, or calculate normals. calculating it fixes it. which is not the best solution but it works for now

mm my issue is that when I try to export to fbx in 3ds max 2013 it gives me error for exporting materials and xref. I wish there was an easier way to import 3d models with the texture and color

Make sure to use version 2013 with ASCII checked

What? That’s a crazy idea!
All it’s telling you is that the FBX version is different from the engine and that can be changed from within the Max FBX exporter. You don’t need Blender to do that!
Epic games are always one year behind Autodesk with their FBX pipeline.

Yep it is a crazy/creative idea, but the other guy solved it like that ^^ -> but of course it’s easier to just switch the export version

you can get material channels from max but not full color data(as far as i know) but it will start the setup for a material and just go in and change the color to what you want or use a texture sample