Problem Importing FBX

So I am importing a skeletal mesh that I created in the ART system in Maya. I’ve tried every option, including the one in the error message. I am just not getting this to work.

Had the same problem with 3dsmax!I just changed the FBX Version to 2013 instead of 2014 and the problem was gone! You can find the option in your export dialog->Advanced Options->FBX File Format, assuming it´s similiar to 3dsmax…

I think that hit the nail on the head, however there is a small issue.

If I use the File->Export option, that seems to work with one error:
Failed to export constraints.

However, that is not the same as exporting via ART. Is there a way to force ART to use this mode?

During import, instead of importing the character, it imported all the pieces separately creating over 100 files for a single character. I appreciate the help though, and this is allot closer to what I was trying.

Yeah, 650 files for one character. I am going to try and import the same file as a static mesh with the combine mesh option. I will report back in a moment.

Wow, it took exporting way to seriously. So I tried to import it as a static mesh after exporting via the File->Export All option. This is what I got.

I am not seeing any way to get the ART tool to export 2013. I am using Maya 2014. If someone can advise, that would be awesome.

Which file are you trying to export your ART character from? After completing your rig setup, you should have a rig file and an export file (saved in the AnimRigs and ExportFiles folders, respectively). When you want to bring your character into UE4, you should open the export file, select the joint hierarchy and whatever meshes are bound to your skeleton and do an Export Selection. There are several other nodes in that file that are important for the rig creation, but not for your skeletal mesh in UE4.

Hope that helps!

Ah, so this might be a picnic error? I will play around with it and if I get it, post a gap tutorial for those having problems here.

FBX Best Practices
"It’s easier to have a clean “export” file which is the mesh bound to the skeleton. This mesh will only be used for exporting. The rig is built from this file, but saved into a separate rig file. "

Hey thanks for the link, however, is concated the link and it is pulling a 404. Could you post the link not as a link, but as text. Thanks!

oppssss try now

Look like a wip page but it some help

I feel like my own version of Snips and Snails on this one. I was trying to use the export option built into A.R.T instead of the export option built into Maya. That documentation was a life saver, once I experiment with it a little more I will put up a tutorial on start to finish importing animation assets.