Problem getting Flying AI to chase the player

I am a beginner with AI and I am really struggling to get my AI to chase the player. I’m using a modified version of the Flying example from Unreal to get my shark to move and that works fine. The problem I am having is when the player overlaps the “vision” of the shark instead of chasing the player the movement result is aborted. I could REALLY use some help. I’ve added all the scripts and the behavior tree.

I’m also stuck on this.
Been trying to get a flying AI working & to move about and intercept and attack me for ages without any progress.
There really isn’t much out there for decent flying AI that isn’t overly complex.

Hi guys,

I managed to get flying AI working so I’ll try to help.
@KaylaClancey, Im looking at your thread BP and it looks like you are telling the AI to move to world origin (0,0,0) and then abort. If you input the Player’s location there, does the shark move?

Hey, I tried putting the players location but it still ignores the player and keeps flying by.

try using don’s navigation plugin to make the flying character able to find the path to the player character etc.

it is a free plugin you can install from the market place <3 this addon for flying navigation.
normal navigation is on surfaces that have collision. since there is no collision in open space flying ai is very hard to make.
his plugin makes it very simple. look into it.