Problem creating distand nav meshes.


I’m trying to create an open world VR game. Nothing realistic, no IA, nothing fancy at the moment.
But I already got a problem with the nav mesh.

When I put two nav mesh bounds volume on top of each others but really far away (we’re talking like 300000.0 cm apart from each others), only one of the two nav mesh is actually registering, working, lighting the floor in green and everything. And the problem does not come from the volumes themselves as they work correctly individually.

The only “solution” I got so far is to increase the “cell height” property in the “nav mesh properties thingy”. But by doing so I’m loosing in precision, for instance at some places the nav is 2 meters above the ground. I never used nav mesh before but this makes me think that the navmesh is somewhat like an invisible cube, and by increasing the “cell height” property I’m also increasing the navmesh cube’s height.

But this cannot be the correct solution … There has to be a proper way to do so. Any ideas about what’s going on, tips, guides ?

Thank you for reading, and even more thaks to those answering.

PS : if you wonder I also ashere ( Layered massive Navmesh - UE4 AnswerHub )