Problem compiling engine when including Bullet Physics

I was able to add Bullet Physics as a Third Party on UE4 and used it successfully in my game code. Now I am trying to build the engine while using some Bullet Physics code under it. I’ve tried adding it on the Engine.Build.cs in many different ways:

  • By adding with AddEngineThirdPartyPrivateStaticDependencies
  • By adding to PublicDependencyModuleNames (following this advice:…ml?sort=oldest)
  • By doing the second with the addition of adding the libs too, like PublicAdditionalLibraries…

However, what puzzles me is that, doing any of this, I can have 17 succeeded builds but one fails, giving an error regarding OpenCV.dll with 5 unresolved externals Any ideas how to workaround this?

In my game code I was able to add Bullet to the project by using AddEngineThirdPartyPrivateStaticDependencies, and it works well, I could implement the physics gameplay needed with the library.

Hope someone can help, I can provide more info if needed.

Thank you!