Printing in UE4

Hello folks,

I have built a project that is basically a database query app that needs to print the results on a Local Printer. I have gone through and made the entire app without doing the research on UE4 and printing ahead of time and feel like a goon for doing so. Hopefully yall can help me.

I have built an app that is entirely made of Widgets. And does a lot of stuff and end with creating a widget with numerous selected entries displayed on it. At this point I would like to take that widget and send the results to a Local printer for the user to print them out and hand to people physically. Does anyone have any idea how to do this, know anyone who knows how to do this, or know any direction they can point me in to learn/find an answer on how to do this?

Thanks for the time.


I’m assuming you’re on Windows?

Simplest option is likely to create a screenshot, and then send the screenshot to Paint or Photo Viewer to print it.

If you want it integrated in the engine, you can probably create a HDC for a printer using straight Windows Win32 calls, and then print the bitmap of the window, again, as a screen shot.

Printing widgets using outline fonts isn’t really a thing within Unreal, because it renders to bitmap displays / graphics. You’d have to build the engine from source, and add a parallel drawing path to the widgets, that’s used only for printing, and uses native HDC drawing commands, for that to work out, as far as I know.