Print String = No longer printing on screen, but its still visible in the console. How do I fix?

As the title says… Printing a string is just printing it when you view the console, but its no longer on the screen.
Most of my rough-draft game is pretty much all print-string cues, so without that I’m a little lost. Its going to be a bit troublesome to play, then bring down the console to check events, as I’m playing.

Any help? Or any questions?

Thank you!

Try clicking on the viewport drop-down and making sure that ‘Show Stats’ is toggled.

Thank you TheJamsh. Ill try this now.

Oddly enough, after I came back from lunch it wasn’t doing it. But now I see its something dealing with my Event Tick = > Seq. If I unpin something it seems to reset it coming back. Also, it seems to just pop off and on, on its own. Maybe I’m putting too much through the event tick. But I don’t know if that could possibly be it.

Thank you again.