Price difference between USD and EUR on the Marketplace.


There’s a strange price difference between marketplace assets when converting from USD to EUR.
Please check the images below for some examples:

USD price: $24.99

EUR: €25.70

Actual exchange rate: €21.24

USD price: $129.99

EUR: €133.70

Actual exchange rate: €110.53

Any explanation is appreciated, thank you very much.

You can try contacting Epic using the channels here as this has come up before. Otherwise if you’re hoping this thread will get seen anyway??? Maybe / maybe not… At the moment anyway its extremely unlikely, as the forums basically get ignored by Epic 99% of the time!

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There can be many reasons.

The most likely is that they have to charge VAT in Europe, but they don’t charge sales tax in the US. (Also, VAT and Sales Tax work differently – in Europe, prices are generally quoted with VAT already included; in the US, prices are generally quoted without sales tax.)

However, it’s also possible that they have additional costs in Europe, for reasons that could vary from “currency market risks” to “legal compliance with customer records risks.” They might choose to charge more because they’re taking on those risks.

Pretty sure it’s the VAT, though.