Prgram cant start cause api-ms-win-downlevel-kernal32 blah blah dll is missing

as too screenshot just open your task manager and have a look i also noticed steamwants to do the same thing and its cause new update of windows spyware ten wont let you turn off things like its firewalland antivirus now
to get roun d that all launchers now need to become services and now you will have less and less control
this is going to soon one day shove more and more of us to other operating systems where we devs and hobbyists have control
they know this and dont care cause like most of there time they are nto long term thinkers they are short term hard core capitalists whom will take take all they can and run off later with the fire burning


Until this issue is cleared up, not installing or running the UE Launcher again!
So if you can attach a screenshot highlighting the services it would help dude.
That way they can be profiled as the Launcher install is being done (procmon). :wink:

Issue still persists with the latest client update.

I have been using UE on Win7 for a few months now and have never been able to launch UE from the Launcher. Error of api-ms-win.bla… Despite the error, I have been able to install and run UE4.24 and UE4.26 without errors. My work around is to find the executable (.exe) file in the Binaries Folder and make a shortcut to it. Works fine and I really don’t care about the Launcher. Maybe this is more important for games but I don’t care much about those either until I learn how to build and sell one. Eventually I will need a more current, powerful machine running the latest systems but for now, I am in the early stages of learning and I am suitably challenged using my current old machine.

This isn’t about starting projects from the Launcher, which is a waste of dev time anyway (ask anyone with too many projects). But best practice anyway is click on *.uproject and tell windows to associate those with the UE binary (or use SendTo -> UE binary - done). But the crucial thing you’re overlooking here, is that the Launcher is mandatory - unavoidable for devs who download a binary build of the engine (which comprises most devs probably).

So you must use the Launcher, as there’s no alternative. There’s also no alternative for downloading asset packs from the Marketplace (no official one anyway), which most devs also need to do. So for these two crucial tasks, you must ALWAYS use the Launcher - there’s no escape! However, it’d make a lot of sense to offer a separate Launcher for developers, without any of the social BS or EGS game installers. But Epic don’t get it or aren’t interested! :wink:


This was working yesterday (3-31-2021) but the launcher update today totally screwed things up. At first I noticed it put the update on the wrong hard drive in my system. It kept repeatedly trying to re-update. I eventually downloaded a launcher update directly which fixed things until I completely exited the game and launcher. Now I can’t get the launcher up again as it has the error of the file in this thread title as missing. I’m on Win 7 x64 (and will never run Win 10 - computer tech for decades). This file is nowhere on my computer. WTF is Epic doing anyway with all these things that continually make problems. Months ago AFTER exiting the launcher I started getting video card not compatible or not good enough - something like that. It’s an Nvidia Geoforce 8GB GTX 1070 - can’t believe that is not sufficient. Then every time I close the launcher after I was done playing it says the launcher crashed! No it didn’t crash I EXITED it. Then it says the Epic crash reporter crashed. LOL - happens everytime I exit the launcher. It’'s getting to STUPID too play THIS game - I just want to play Fortnite.

Any progress on this issue?.. If not has anyone have any idea on how to roll back to 4.25, for the launcher?.. Epic games - Epic fail here…

Well? You’ve been looking into this for nearly 3 months now. You never came back to comment further. What progress have you made? How is this not fixed yet? There are reports of this error across dozens of forums. This should’ve been fixed as soon as the first reports came out that your update was broken on Win 7. How much longer must we wait for your launcher to start correctly?

Make sure there is only one launcher exists on the PC. The method mentioned above must work the. Since the dll is simply missing from the folder it just needs to be added.

:-1:One post and a whole lot of smugness! :-1: When you’re finished, maybe you can tell everyone here how that solves the core Marketplace issue / problem. Such as downloading asset packs. As even Epic acknowledge that limitation, and admit there’s no workaround for a broken Launcher. Game devs / creators may download the engine a few times a year, but need to download asset packs several times a day! So what are Win7 users supposed to do?

EpicGamesLauncher is broke! - #5 by Stephen_Ellis.

Windows 7 is no longer a supported-by-Microsoft OS, for over a year. The only “incompetence” I see here is people trying to hang on to a dead OS.

You may have an emotional attachment to Windows 7, and that’s fine. You can run it in a hyper-v virtual machine or something. But for regular development, it’s time to let it go. If you don’t like Windows 10, there’s also macOS and Linux to choose from.

In fairness dude, for an accomplished dev, your POV on this is too simplistic tbh. Face it, Win10 is a deal breaker for some. For starters Linux doesn’t have its own Launcher. Second, Win10 updates are a problem for all developers not just game devs, as it means greater risk of system instability. Third, Germany along with others in the EU have banned MS products because of invasive telemetry. Microsoft are largely flying under the radar of data regulators right now, but they’re just as guilty of sneaky tactics as facebook / google / twitter / amazon.

So who knows, maybe 200m Win7 holdouts just don’t want to be unpaid testers or lab-rats for MS corporate customers, being forced to test drive updates first. Or maybe they just don’t want to risk their gaming rigs becoming unstable in the promise of security updates, that may or may not work against Win10 zero days. Or maybe its about privacy vs surveillance. But to say this is all just about emotional attachment??? That seems pretty disingenuous. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That doesn’t matter. Windows 7 was end-of-lifed over a year ago. Running Windows 7 connected to the internet at this point is irresponsible at best, and an invitation for trouble for most people.

It absolutely doesn’t matter what I want or feel about this. Microsoft has decided that Windows 10 is the only supported Windows. If I want to stay on Windows, I have to use Windows 10. I can also choose another desktop OS, or I can choose to not use computers at all. Or I can choose to stick with an obsolete, unsupported OS. Each of those choices come with a variety of outcomes. If I choose the obsolete and unsupported OS, I should expect that software updates that I depend on will become obsolete and unsupported as well.

Another OS version that is long gone, is Windows XP. The exact same complaints people make about Windows 7 being obsolete now, were made when Windows XP was made obsolete. In the end, using Windows XP these days is a tiny, tiny fraction of all legitimate Windows installs. (Although some embedded systems still stick with it, for mostly bad money-saving-in-the-short-term reasons.)

I will have more success with my attempt to use Windows-based computers, if I stay on the supported Windows 10 mainline. That’s just how it is, no matter what other version I might personally prefer to use. If I choose to use an unsupported version, then I will run into unsupported behavior, and that’s my own choice.

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And yet 99% of software out there does not exhibit this problem for users of Windows 7.

So what is the Epic Launcher using that relies on this DLL ? And could it just as well use an alternative ?

And just as an update, the issue still persists with the latest client version.

Hi from Kenya. Before the recent update in End of January I downloaded epic games everything was working well until this update ppl have been complaining about came Also I tried the above things ppl were saying my issue is the unsupported graphics card. Its really frustrating I cannot use the application anymore cause this issue pls tell me how I can fix this I need help I’m windows 7-32 bit everything was working fine before ive managed to fix the api error message now I need help with the unsupported graphics card pls epic games fix your launcher anything is possible you guys can fix it.

An update to the Epic Games Launcher, version 12.1.7, was just released that address this issue.

Head over to to get the latest version, and let us know if it resolves the problem!

We’re working on a fix to address a similar issue that occurs when trying to launch the Unreal Editor and we’ll follow up once that update is available.


Can confirm, the issue seems to be gone with the Epic Launcher. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I don’t get the error anymore with the launcher but do still get it when launching UE.

This dll missing error mostly occurs due to the outdated/corrupted device drivers, malware on the system, missing dll files, damaged system files. If any of these happened on your PC, then you will run into this error. But don’t worry as you can easily overcome this issue by following the expert’s suggested solutions. You can follow this article to find out the best ways to fix the error: api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32 Missing Error

Can confirm this is still a problem as of the middle of July 2021 but more importantly it was not just the epic launcher affected. Engines, various sub programs within the editor, and even packaged up projects compiled and finalized from the editor all spit out the same missing dll error.

Dragging a copy of the file manually into the various bin directories does serve to quiet the error but I have concerns about that being a long term solution. Especially if things are getting packaged without all necessary components. I don’t think anyone wants to release their project to find Win7 users get an ugly error message on launch or much worse can’t run it at all.

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