Previewing Animation Mixamo


I create two animation using Maximo Adam Character. From Blend Space 1D, i encounter a Error or Bug from a created new Mixamo Rig.
The previewing my character “Run” animated going moving from place. But in Mixamo Animation Pack its “Run” but steady from original place.

Please help me, what i will do. Because in games or i play my character Run its not normal.

Using UE4.4.3. Thanks :wink:

Hi Peude,

What you are seeing there is the difference between Root Motion and standard animation. You will want to take a look at our guide for setting up your character’s root motion here: Root Motion in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Essentially, if your animation will need to be relevant to the capsule, then you will need to use root motion. Let me know if that helps.

This is same Mixamo created. One from UE4 Mixamo Pack and second one from Mixamo Site Rig make. When i play and when pressing W (keyboard) to forward.

Please check the attachment photo. Thanks

Please can you give me youtube example how to set the root…Please im not Professional :wink: Thanks.

We do not have any official videos about this to my knowledge. You will want to check out this community member’s video for an explanation of rootmotion in UE4:

And these videos may help as well:

Let me know if that helps.

Hi, my Maximo FBX files when i imported to Blender 2.71 its not show same the youtube you send me. please help…Thanks :wink: