Prevent Scaling of Component (which scales along with actor)

Yes, I’m well aware I can do the math.

I’m wondering if there is any sort of setting that would just prevent the scaling in the first place.

Also, I’m wondering if this can be extended to child actors, as currently I’m finding it easier to have a child actor in as a component (I’m passing variables to the child actor, can’t really do the same with components or I would have).
Edit: As far as child actors go, the hack seems to be forcing SetRelativeScale3d to 1,1,1 within the construction script (of the class the child actor is made from).

When it comes to an actual component, I still need math to undo any transforms.

This is also a desirable behavior :wink:

I think your solution seems correct. I guess you could also scale the components at run time…

Try Set Absolute | Unreal Engine Documentation


Thank you! Set Absolute has just made my life easier!