Prevent clients from "closing running map" when server is closing

I have a multiplayer game running as listen server. When the listen is closing his session, the clients also get the map closed.
Because I show the score board on end of map, I want to prevent this closing of the map and maintain the map view of the client, even when server disconnects.

I totally understand, that no game could be run any more and all functionality is gone, when the server disconnects! I need no clarification here. I just want to know, if I can overwrite what is triggered on client site, when the server disconnects and where this happens exactly. Would be great when I can overwrite it in BP.

My goal is, just to show the last “end of game”-screen to clients until they click (Go to Main Main). And I also want to show them a info if server has quit, so would be cool to know where clients get this information, so I can deactivate (“Play again”-button) as soon as listen server quits.

Thanks a lot