Prevent characters showing up in some post process effects, but turn up on others

I’m looking for a way to make some characters show up on thermal vision, and other actors not be included, and then when using a different vision, the opposite happens and the “cold-blooded” on the thermal vision get highlighted. The best way I’ve found how to describe it is the predator vision from the Predator series, Humans and the like get highlighted but the aliens are the same colour as the background, so a special “alien” mode is used to show the aliens instead. Here are some images of what I’m trying to achieve, hopefully, these will make more sense.

TD_Blaze Although it’s tempting to do that with a material or whatever, I’d the most reliable and flexible way would be by tagging the actors. I’m assuming your thermal vision is a PP. Well, when you go into ‘thermal’ you can do a quick ‘get all actors with tag’ and set them hidden in game. And vice versa.