Prevent a light from hiding after entering a collision box a second time

Hi! I never used blueprints that much until now, and I’m trying to figure something out. It’s a very basic issue I believe but I can’t seem to fix it. So basically I created a level blueprint so that my light gets activated once I enter the trigger box. Everything works fine, except that when I enter the trigger box a second time (after the light becomes visible), it becomes invisible. How can I set the blueprint in a way that once the light shows it will stay open even if I enter the trigger box again? Here’s what the blueprint looks like


Just add a “DoOnce” node between the “OnActorBeginOverlap(TriggerBox)” and the “Delay” :). Just plug something into the “Reset” execution pin of the “DoOnce” node, if you want to reactivate your light turn on script behaviour :).

That did the trick, thanks!