Pretty weird bug with "Do Once" node.


just wanna show a weird bug on my blueprint.
I have a hover vehicle and everything works as it should be.
I was testing something with the “Do Once” node where i was adding Integers.
Now, when i delete or unplug the “Do Once” node, my whole vehicle is stuck, i cant move forward nor can i steer in any direction.
Everything was good before, i did not touch my vehicle movement at all, i was just adding 2 Intergers together.
To be fully clear: this node is indepent from my whole vehicle movement and was never part of anything.

As you can see, this node fullfills no purpose.
It also make no difference if i put the pin in the execute or reset slot or if i toggle the boolean “start closed”

For now i just let this node be there without doing anything but it gives me a little bit of a bad feeling as why this is happening.

What’s in the rest of the graph?


I know now what caused the problem.
For what ever reason but a boolean in my blueprint just toggled themself on and off when i deleted the “Do Once” node, who have nothing to to with each other.
It also startet to occur with other nodes that i created and deleted that my boolean toggles on and off without reason.
Pretty weird but for now i know the reason and can work around it.

When wierd stuff happens, just restart the editor.
it’s not worth your time debugging unless it happens on a fresh instance.