Pressing UMG button stops character doing what it was currently doing and removes the UMG from viewport

So I’m building an inventory system and I I’m using a button and it’s OnPressed event. Problem is, when I click on the button, it stops everything else from happening, if my character is running, he’ll stop running till the key is repressed and the UMG is discarded too. Anybody know what’s going on?

PS: I know the labels are incorrect; Handguns don’t go in Melee, I was testing.

Update: I realized that since I’m using the “pressed” exec pin of the key to pop inventory up and “released” exec pin to close it, it wasn’t the mouse event closing the UI, it was the key being released even when I have it held.

So as of now, the problem I’m having is how do I stop the mouse press from killing all other active inputs?

Found the solution. Button was set to focusable by default. Upon clicking, it took focus of the keyboard too, thus cancelling all input events.

Just turned it off. Stupidly easy solution

Yea I guess this is one of those cases.