Press play and move I get stuck in the air [Gamemode BUG please]

Please, can anyone help me?
I am in an archvizl work on Unreal 4.26 and I am discovering that the Unreal Engine is self-destructing.

This bug was happening and I couldn’t solve it, so I recreated a new project and copied it there. But after a while, the error returned and it is no longer resolved.
Any game mode when moving the character is stuck at the top of the map.

And then the simplistic BP_CollaborativeViewer_GameMode stops working.

The worst problem is that I am not editing anything in blueprint, nothing in gamemode, absolutely nothing. Just camera, texture, lighmap. So, I don’t know where it happened.

Press Play

If i try to move, stuck in air


After a while BP_CollaborativeViewer_GameMode self-destructs.

**Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property GameInstance”. Blueprint: BP_BasePawn Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Base Pawn Graph: EventGraph Node: Switch on PV_NavigationMode

Creating a new project doesn’t work

Thak you. **

Hi man, Got some question for you
I see the error is pretty clear , Something is wrong with the Gameinstance, and the basepawn.
Try setting them back

So your pawn get shot up in the sky? so if you look down you can see the level?

If you create a camera, drop in the level, and set the camera as view, is all ok?

You can saave yourself making a custom pawn to move? or whatever pawn and actor will be shot in the space??