Preset ability type entries into the CharacterMovementComponent saved moves

I don’t know how realistic this is, but I do know it’s asking for a lot, so just throwing it out there. I imagine it may be used via overrides and/or macros.

When making a custom FSavedMoves / etc for predicting ability use, a lot of them boil down to certain templates such as (example only):

  • Abilities that fire on a button press (eg. Dodge or attack)
  • Abilities that run for a certain length of time (eg. Sprint)
  • Abilities that run for a certain length of time then go on cooldown (eg. Sprint with a cooldown)

So it stands to reason that it would be possible to allow a much more accessible implementation of these preset types. Up to a certain limit of course - There are custom slots that can be widened with bit shifting, eg. Result |= (1 << 2) instead of Result |= FLAG_Custom_0/1/2/3

My reason for asking for this is because it’s a complex area and very poorly documented, however making this portion of the engine more accessible is a positive thing even when/if the documentation comes around.

Any thoughts?