Precomputed RealTimeGI "while playing"

Iam interesting change Unity to UE. But i want first ask something. Is the possible precomputed GI while game running?
I want add object to scene “while playing” and use realtime GI to added object.
I have room and during time i want add cube to scene and make look object with realtime effect.

Question 2:
Is the possible to change material to added object in scene (for this case cube) and use realtime effect with actual material?
Default color of cube is blue(using blue realtime effect of the cube), but i want change color to red and use red realtime effect to cube.
Thanks for reply (sorry if iam spamming but these information is new for me)

You seem to be confusing terms: precomputed is by definition not realtime.

To get the effects you are describing you need to use some form of realtime GI. UE4 currently has multiple options in that regard, although they are all in different (quite early) stages of development. Look for DFGI, LPV or nvidia’s VXGI if you are interested in this.

If you want such effects you should explore those options and see if any of them suits your requirements and art style.

Realistically you only have vxgi…DFGI has been abandoned (for now at least), LPV has never been updated since launch… Even vxgi in is alpha. I hope you are not in a hurry OP!

Thanks for reply… that is what i needed to know. I want ask a question, the effect and that process what iam described, it would be very burdensome for the system? Iam thinking CPU, GPU, RAM. For object with example 40 000 faces.

Hi an interesting tutorial for Realtime GI using LPV (Light Propagation Volume) (Experimental currently)

LPV is good enough for Fable Legends. Might be good enough for you.
I think they have commited their changes to ue4 already.

Yeah LPV honestly isn’t too bad once you get used to it. It has a lot of light-leaking I think so it only really works well for outdoor environments, but it’s performance-friendly.

I tried messing around with the Sci-Fi Hallway with LPV (ie. totally no baked lighting) and the workflow is definitely unique. Nonetheless between LPV and Nvidia VXGI we’re getting there by the looks of it. A bit dark but long story about that… been playing too much Alien: Isolation perhaps. Yes the light leaking and light “size” settings are weird but totally no baked lighting? It’s definitely got potential: