Precomputed lightning with black spots

Hello, I’m setting up an scene where I’m using Lightmass but I’m having issues with very dark spots showing up. Let me illustrate that with this picture:

So far I can’t figure out what is the problem, after i bake lightning it goes completely dark. These are some of the possible issues but I have them solved:

Lightmap resolution and layout is working correctly
There is a Stationary Skylight in the level with enough amount of brithness, but it doesn’t lit my walls.
There is an sphere reflection capture in the scene (and also tried with box reflection capture but doesn’t work out)
There is a Stationary Directional light and works fine
Lightmass Importance volume is there and covers the entire room
I’m using the default Lightmass Settings

This is the scene with the Static point light positions:


And this is what happens if i move them around and it uses a preview lightning, but after I bake the lightning it goes dark again:


I still don’t know why I don’t get my surfaces to lit properly. Is there something I’m not covering up?

Also, I need to lightning this scene using precomputed lightning so while dynamic lightning can solve the problem I can’t use that for performance reasons.

Thanks a lot, hope someone can help me figuring this out!

Most likely your lightmap UV’s aren’t set up properly.

Thank you darthviper, can you take a look at these settings?
I’m using my UV Channel 1 and my resolution is 256. I know it’s not the best lightmap layout but it doesn’t have overlaping uvs or anything wrong. What do you think it could be?

Forward renderer fixed the issue, if any of you guys come up with another solution I would love to know also.

When you build lighting are there any error messages in the message log at the end of the build?

Not at all, everything is working correctly.