PPV effect wont show in-game

Hello, so basically I’ve just added a post proccess volume into my scene. It’s a pixelation effect gotten from this video —> (Unreal 4 Retro Pixel Tutorial - YouTube), it’s works perfectly as in the video but my problem is that the moment I press play there is no such effect and I have no clue why. I’ve also tried adding the PP onto the player camera but again there is no effect showing up. Any ideas why this might be happening?


I’ve just tested and it does actually work when I play on the viewport. Problem is that I’m developing this game for Android so when I play it from a Mobiel Preview it doesnt work.

Is mobile hdr on?

It wasnt turned on. Thanks a lot mate that solved the issue.

Mobile HDR turns off postprocess to save on cost… But that also turns off postprocess.